2018 Board of Directors Officers

 President, Laura McConnell
Vice President, Anne Schneider
Secretary, Jacqui Fournier
Treasurer, Laura Conrey
Membership Secretary, Michelle Thomas
Ex-offico Member, Katherine Bengston, Library Manager

History & Organization

The Friends of the North Shore Library at Princeville was formed in 1991 following the grand opening of the library.  The library was built through generous community donations, and is one of the finest in the state.  

The Friends is a non-profit, 501-3c (tax-exempt) corporation (since April, 2012 – prior to 2012, Friends was unincorporated, non-profit corporation).  

We are an affiliate of the larger Friends of the Library of Hawaii.  There are 23 affiliates, plus a few non-profits groups, not affiliated but still part of the system.   The guidelines we operate under are specified by FLH.  But, in general, we operate independently of them.  We do have reporting requirements, primarily related to state/federal tax laws.  FHL receives state funding through the HSLS, in addition to grants/donations.  Some of the performances, like the Hawaiian Story Teller, are sponsored by FLH

In addition to the FLH guidelines, we operate under a set of by-laws.  Why we exist, how we are organized (general membership, board of directors, officers) and how we meet our responsibilities as board members. We are required by our bylaws to host one general membership meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to provide a summary of the year and to approve next year’s board of directors.

Board of Directors Meetings

The first board meeting is held early in the year.  The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • Elect the BOD officers for the year. The officer positions are: President; Vice President; Treasurer; Recording Secretary and Correspondence Secretary
  • Greet & meet new/continuing members of  the board
  • Begin the process of identifying the Board’s goals for the year
  • Board of Directors meeting are held five or six times throughout the year, in addition to the yearly  general membership meeting   A calendar of meeting dates is sent to all directors.

Program/Project/Committee Structure

In addition to the officer positions, we have project or program chair/coordinator positions.   Each chair has the responsibility of “overseeing/assisting” the various projects/programs/events that fall under each position  as follows:

  • Fund Raising Chair – Coordinates with used books sale coordinators
  • Membership Chair – Responsible for membership solicitation, membership records and manning the membership table at each used book sale.
  • Public Relations/Communication Chair-Responsible for all our communication avenues/contacts including Face Book; Web Site; Posters/Flyers; PSAs; Newsletters.
  • Projects/programs/events Chair – Works with individual(s) who are responsible for our Monthly Speaker Program; Art on the Walls; Library Display Cases; Staff Recognition/Library Birthday/Volunteer Recognition; Library Beautification; Princeville Food Court Book Case; Outreach; Distribution of excess used books
  • Nominating Committee Chair- Responsible for soliciting new members for the board of directors 

Note:  Roles and Responsibilities have been defined for each officer (By-Laws) and for each position as described above.  

Financial Information

Each year a budget is set – allocating funds for the various administrative and program/projects sponsored by Friends, in addition to providing funds to the branch librarian for materials, books, supplies, and equipment.  We have ongoing programs – like our monthly speaker program – that are funded annually, and we provide funds for new programs/projects, that may or may not become an annual event.

Important to keep in mind:  All funds raised on state library property must be used solely to improve the resources and services of the Princeville Library.   Administrative expenses can be funded with these monies.